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Your cars air condition system can lose up to 15% of it's coolant every year, so a 3 year old car may have lost half it's coolant seriously impacting on the performance of the system and damaging the components involved. You should regularly have the air conditioning systems serviced to reduce wear and tear on the components and help avoid potentially big repair bills. We offer recharging and servicing.

Home, Workplace or Garage.

We operate a fully mobile

service; we come to you at your workplace, home or garage, and are fully equipped to provide a complete vehicle air condition service covering most areas in and around Essex Re-Gas includes:

JUST A straight re-gas FROM £65

Re-Gas with a full charge of the correct amount of refrigerant.

Re-Gas service:

Air con full service £130

System Inspection; checks are carried out on the drive belt, condenser & fan, filter drier/accumulator, pipe work and hoses.

De-Gas & Vacuum system to waste or recycling cylinders.

Leak Test pressure test.

Deep Vacuum system & Re-Gas with a full charge of the

UV Dye injection

correct amount of refrigerant.

Add correct amount & grade of compressor oil at.

Final Leak Test using electronic sniffer.

Anti-Bacterial Service £10.00.

Optional extra, We treat the evaporator and inside of the car during service; additional cost £10.00

The intrinsic nature of the air condition operation means that fungus and bacteria can build up on the internal evaporator of the car (situated under the dashboard). This build up of bacteria can result in what is commonly known as "sick car syndrome". Not only is an offensive smell given off whenever the air condition or heaters are switched on , but occupants can feel sick or contract ear, nose and throat infections from your system. Conditioning system performance.

Optional extra, UV Dye injection during Recharge; additional cost £5.00

If requested we can add a special UV dye during the Recharge procedure (where no leak is evident) and can therefore act to identify any future leaks as the fluid is clearly visible under a UV light

In the event that your system cannot be re-charged due to a fault or leak a min charge of £15.00 will apply for hook up and test

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